“Breathe the free air again, my friend.” – Gandalf 

Victoria and Mike Kelley

About Victoria:

Victoria was born in Sydney, Australia where her family resided for the first twelve years of her life. She is the second born sister of five girls. Her parents moved the family north when Victoria was 13 years old where she and the family lived on a 290 acre sheep station in the state of N.S.W.

Victoria learned about growing food and raising animals at a young age and she has always loved the outdoors and encourages everyone to become a part of nature in some way.

She has been an avid reader and writer since 6 years of age. Her school teachers quickly picked up on Victoria’s love of writing and communicating through her stories. They were surprised with the ability she showed to relay information at such a young age. To her dad’s surprise, Victoria’s teachers showed him remarkable poems she was writing back in grammar school. By the time she was in 4th grade she was an assistant at the school library and won second place in the school test scores for reading, writing, english and mathematics. Failure was not an option in Victoria’s family so she excelled at school.

Over twenty four years ago Victoria moved from Australia to America where she finally met her soulmate and husband Michael of 20 years. With their 2 boys, they now reside in the Colorado Mountains where the family feels more at peace.

Even though Victoria grew up in a stifling religious cult such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses one thing was always there for her, the ability to write and research information in order to help and educate other people. As an adult Victoria discovered the real reason for religion and it has nothing to do with honoring The Great Creator.

Victoria’s book “The Watchtower Of Indoctrination” exposes the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other similar religions for the deception and lies that have been told to us for centuries. Finally the lies, child abuse and total mind control within some of these faiths are there for the reader to see. Any church that claims to love God but yet their leaders hurt and abuse children is false.

It took Victoria many years of reeducation, self healing and soul searching to undo the harsh indoctrination that was placed upon her. She now wants to reach out to anyone who has also been a part of a cult or suffocating religion and let them know, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. To be free from the bondage of lies and indoctrination is the best freedom of all. Once you understand what is really going on, you can never go back. You are never the same person because you are better than average, you become an amazing human being.

Connect with earth more because it can heal people who feel lost and broken. Nature can teach us just about everything we need to know to be happy. All we need do is listen to the natural sounds to hear the good advice being given. Humans were always supposed to love and nurture each other and the earth.

“I want people to know there is life after religion. Your world can be beautiful, especially for anyone who has endured the mental and emotional abuse from cults and religions. Each person’s happiness matters and to know you can be loved the right way is the ultimate happiness.” -Victoria Kelley

About Mike

Michael Kelley was born in upstate New York. He was always interested in helping people and spent much of his youth growing up on a farm and was a devoted friend to many.

In school he played football, track and baseball. He also enjoyed martial arts, receiving a brown belt before he graduated.

He loved to work in the summer on farms and was an avid gamer, hiker and outdoor enthusiast.

He joined the Navy in the late 80’s as a sonar technician, being honorably discharged going on to college as a duel major of both Criminal Justice and Mental health.

During school he and several friends opened up a successful games workshop store, teaching kids how to build military models and play in competitive campaigns, culminating to several awards and local accolades.

Later in life he continued his education gaining a Bachelors degree in child psychology, business law and mental health with a focus in counseling. Michael went on to work in related fields as a counselor for the Department Of Family & Childrens.

He met Victoria via Astronet (a spiritual site on the old AOL online services) and the two met and married about a year later. They have now been together for over 21 years.

Mike went back to school and started a successful writing business (marketing) as well as other ventures publishing white papers, books and reports as well as gaining another degree in Aquaculture.

Spirituality has always been important to him and he started channeling about 13 years ago with his wife, Victoria. Even though the husband and wife team are usually very private people, they began to share the messages they were receiving with humanity because they were asked to by the beings they communicate with.

Together Mike and Victoria have two sons, Ryan & Hunter who all live together in Southern Colorado near the Sacred Mountain of the east.

“We love many of the beings we communicate just like anyone else would love their family and we have a very big one! These beings have been such a big part of our lives and have known our sons since the day they were born. Our boys are completely connected to them and have special gifts of their own. We are not like other families and we do trust the messages we are communicating back to humanity. It’s time for all of us to evolve and we are trying to help that process along by communicating on all dimensional levels. Good or bad messages, we are still presenting them for people to listen to.” -Victoria Kelley


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