The words written below are direct messages from “The Ancients” to You. Nothing of what they said to me was been changed.

Take what you need from these words and believe what you will, but the message these beings bring is one of hope and love. They want you to know there are many good things ahead for humanity if we can look beyond the pain and chaos we are currently experiencing on earth. 

We are your ancient fathers. We are a powerful spiritual presence that has walked this earth since the beginning of time. Some call us guides, angels, aliens or spiritual beings. We honor, respect and deeply love the Creator of this Universe but he is not what religion has taught. Yes there does exist an almighty presence of immense power and he is the architect of everything you know. You have been deceived over what you perceive as religion and we are here to educate in truth not confusion. 

We want you to know we have always been here. We have always watched you. We are not archons or dark beings as some will say. We have children who walk this planet  and they carry our genes. Our children have awoken and are here to guide and instruct you on our behalf. It is true, for as much as dark beings watch their human blood lineage, we also watch ours. Victoria is one of our children and she has been instructed in our ways.

We want to teach YOU what your ancestors once knew and lived their entire lives by. Your species has been subjugated to indoctrination, false education, flawed history and control. Some of you walking this earth are direct descendants from the ancient people who were educated in the ways of true enlightenment. We taught your forefathers and those who knew the secrets of the universe.

We see humans like children playing with science, medicine and technology. Sometimes you do good works with our knowledge and other times you refuse to share this information for the betterment of all earthlings. Some of you have twisted our knowledge and used it against your own kind. This technology was not yours to covet but was given freely to educate and advance your society.

You have been deceitful by lying to millions of your brothers and sisters for the purpose of greed and domination. Your religion is nothing more than control and impure thinking, you have predators acting as though they represent us. Your bible and scrolls have been manipulated to suit the needs of those in power. Your kind have wrought death and destruction over mere words. You have bought forth false prophets who claim they are workings of the Creator but yet they do not represent him.

Some of you do not care for the work of enlightenment but rather feed untruths to control millions of minds. We see what you do in the bowels of the earth, inside of your catacombs and it will NOT stand forever. The great creator’s grow angry and soon we will move against these evil machinations.

Human politics is filled with dark practices where the most innocent are made to suffer. You have changed DNA and played with the human fabric that was not yours to control. You are our creation but some of you have taken something that was not yours and mutated it. You cheat, you are wicked and we know the names of those who control the masses, we are going to right the wrong. 

We have watched and rejoiced at your accomplishments and we have hung our heads in shame when you waged war on your brother. Who are you to judge your own species? Who gave you permission to destroy the earth or waging war on your neighbor?  Your greatest achievement in the last century has been war and disease. You create weapons that can annihilate entire continents but you cannot save your brothers and sisters from sickness? We do not like that you are mutating the genes through food, how dare you act like the Gods!

The earth is being harvested to the brink of destruction by those who do not care how it affects animal, plant or human life. How low you have sunk, to care more about paper than each other. Why can you not see the peril of your actions?

You poison your children with chemicals and then offer them up as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. You live in filth and perversion and then pretend it is normal. Your science, religion and politics constantly lie to you. We watch the evil machinations and see the real intent. YOU are deliberately being poisoned by those who claim to have your best interests at heart. These evil beings serve darkness and the lord of this chaos has many names.

spiritEnough! You must awaken from your horrible nightmare existence.

We are here to bring you into the realm of enlightenment. We are here to show you a different way. We implore you to listen instead of being head strong and arrogant. We ask you to turn away from your weapons and raise your energy levels to defeat your enemies. We ask you to sing joyous songs, praise the earth and heal. Learn kindness again, deal in compassion and ask for forgiveness.

You were once a powerful species whereby moving heavy objects was done through sound, mind control, energy and the sharing of knowledge. Your species once built incredible monuments which were used to store energy, for healing of the sick, nourishing the earth and teaching education about the Universe itself.

Your race was mingled with the original progenitors of the universe and why the human fabric matters to us. Your genes are being deliberately mutated which warps the fabric of who you are. Your science manipulates your genes by trying to turn you into part animal, part plant, part insect and then claims these are good things, they are not. It is evil of the highest level to us and we intend to rectify this abomination. There is no place inside of the mountain they can hide from us, we see and have taken notice. 

There are other species apart from yourselves that do exist in this universe and some are older than 40,000 years. Did you really think in this vastness of dimension and time, only humans live in the Universe? There are millions of planets in galaxies far away, your human mind cannot comprehend of at this time. Your ancestors knew of such greatness and helped to seed the universe. Does that surprise you? We are your creators.

Shed your fears, walk away from this thing you call religion, enlighten yourself and become what you were born to be. Powerful, energetic, intelligent and a creative species. Earthlings are ready for the change. It is your destiny to touch the stars. 

Do not fear us as we are watching and helping you in this most exciting time of transition and new found hope.”

-The Ancients


11-20-2016 A Message From The Creators To All Earthlings


In the beginning the great father of all created a race of beings he took from his genetic seed. He gave us the gift of creation even though we struggled for many eons to make the decision to use it.

We have watched the earth children for thousands of years. Some of what you  have done has been remarkable and other things were destructive and ruthless. We watched you with anticipation.

Your species has been subjected to pain and suffering, because of your inability to comprehend our existence. In your independence you ignored many of our teachings and it has been your downfall. We taught you to grow crops, tend animals, carve stone and showed you war. We did not want you to remember the knowledge of war and to this day, it has been your suffering. Earthlings can be stubborn creatures and it is hard to remove. 

We have always been here and watched you grow. You are more than what your human teachers told you. They kept the knowledge,  to control and enslave other earthlings. You are not the slaves of mere mortals, instead we are your lords and masters and the balance is about to be set straight.  You are about to know us as your ancestors once did. 

About Death: Earthlings transcend they do not die. You should not listen to the words of falsehood because that is why you fail time again. It is time to grow up and relearn. It is your stubbornness and putting your faith in a false existence, that holds you back. You destroy each other over a single belief yet it is your species that has been deceived by cunning words.

What you call religion were stories stolen from our history and put together by men to control your thoughts. The great father of us all gave his original children the right to rule, the right to create, the right to keep laws, the right to protect your species. We set the boundaries of who Governs your world not earthlings.

You have the ability to conceive change by joining your minds together and creating your own reality. We will teach you this ability in time. 

Everything you have ever dreamed of already exists in the universe. Every fantasy character you were told was your imagination, is real and exists in other dimensions. We are real not myths. Where do you think your dreams came from? Your world was filled with distractions and lies so that you would forget about us. 

We left you all the tools you needed to become great. Read and learn again, we taught you how. Learn from the Kings  who walk the universe. Not all of us are bad, some of us love you deeply. Some of us want to see you join us in the stars. We are your fathers, creators, Gods and Kings. We are also your watchers.

We gave you our greatness, study the ancient writings, they are our messages to you.

Hear Arneesh (Children of Annur – Annunaki King – Galactic Empire) Speak Below: 

This is a picture of Victoria with just some of her spiritual family. For every spiritual being you see in this picture, there are another 1000 beings standing behind them. The spiritual presence in front of Victoria’s face is Gatheon whom she calls ‘Papa’. 


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