SAM_1506“Breathe the free air again, my friend.” – Gandalf  (Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers)

Victoria was born in Sydney, Australia where her family resided for the first twelve years of her life. The family moved to Tamworth N.S.W where she was raised on a 280 acre sheep and wheat farm. Victoria learned about growing food, raising animals, farming and catching crayfish at a young age.

Over twenty three years ago Victoria moved from Australia to America where she finally met her soulmate and husband Michael of 20 years. With their children, they now reside in the Colorado Mountains where Victoria can feel at peace. The couple can often be found deep in the mountains hiking and trail walking together. They have raised their sons in the mountains and taught them to connect to the energy.

Many of the tribal beliefs have become this families chosen path and they try to live in unison with everything that is. The tribal way is a blending of spiritual connection, respect for all living things and learning how we are all connected to everything that is. It’s also about finding strength, courage, discipline, joy, love and family.

Victoria is the second born child of five girls and has been an avid reader – writer since she was 6 years of age. She was always writing stories-poetry to the amazement of school teachers. By the time she was in 4th grade Victoria was an assistant at the school library, along with being in the top 3 students for reading, writing, english and mathematics.


Spiritual beings used to converse with me in a form I was comfortable with. They appeared as fairies, garden gnomes and other small spirit like creatures. I was never afraid of them but naturally accepted what was going on. When I told my grandmother about the friends on my window ledge she always understood. She actually gave me advice on what to say, it was no big deal for her. Both my Grandfather and Great Grandmother also communicated with differnt beings, so this type of connective energy runs in my family.

When I mentioned a spirit presence to my mother, the whole conversation was quickly shutdown. I was told speaking with spirits was a bad thing to do, ignore them and they will go away. Being that my mother was a Jehovah’s Witness she was fearful of these entities and didn’t want me near them. However some humans are natural conduits and what religion teaches is fear.

We are supposed to connect to everything in this universe, so we can learn from those who have the knowledge. That just makes perfect sense to me. For too long the average person has been shut away from the knowledge, so elite mortals and reptilians could control everything here on earth.  

Who The Ancients Are To Me

I call The Ancients my family because to me they are. When my biological parents disowned me for speaking with spirits and aliens many of these entities became my fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and mothers. People will say it’s not possible to have a relationship with spiritual beings but that’s not the case in our family.  My sons have been raised around these spirits since they were born, so for us this is a normal way to be.

There are other powerful beings I converse with, some good some bad. Like Enoch these spirit beings come to me and converse freely.  Sometimes what they have to say is not positive (beings of darkness enjoy the suffering and discord they are causing on earth) while others come to tell me of events unfolding on earth. The good beings are continuously trying to help humanity but they tell me the world is out of balance and changes are coming very soon. 

Religion Is About Control And Nothing More

I no longer believe in religion of any sort because of the lies told about spiritual beings. Your mind has been controlled since the day you were born and religion is one of the biggest lies ever created. The Great Father of all,  never told us to start any kind of religion…that was done by human beings to dominate others.

God gave us very simple rules to live by and it was man who pretended to be a voice for The Great Father. Many religious organizations know if humans discontinue going to these places of worship, there would be no way to control us anymore. Out of fear of loss, they continue the lie which keeps humanity in subjection to them BUT that is coming to an end very soon. 

Behind the scenes so called men and women of God,  hang out with prostitutes, molest children, offer children up as human sacrifices, put them into the sex slave industry, steal, cheat, lie and support more bloodshed and war.

The bible has been written over 14,000 different times since it first came into publication. Many of the stories you read about can also be found in the Sumerian Tablets. Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Enoch, Noah and the Flood and Tower Of Babel are all records the Annunaki kept written down in the Sumerian Tablets. The bible was written by monks and many stories found can be directly linked back to the Annunaki, who are our real creators. We were made in their image and I dare people to read Zacharia Sitchin’s “The Book Of Enki,” to see the real truth. 


“Jon Shelby Sponge, is a retired American bishop of the Episcopal Church, discussing the lies the church tells. He argues that religion is a business and it is used as a control mechanism.”

No matter what the minister or priest says, humans were always supposed to have healthy happy relationships with spiritual beings. They are as much a part of us as we are to them. It is the darker beings who have twisted and coerced willing humans into the violence and bloodshed you now see upon the earth.

I woke up one morning 5 years ago with strange red marks on my left thigh

Whether people believe or not, thousands of children see spirits all the time.

The reason why many spirits approach children first is because they have pure minds and have not been conditioned or programmed. Children naturally trust what they see and hear, so if your child tells you they have a special friend, they probably do. Children do not fear most spirits unless they have come into contact with a darker entity, then it can become a problem.

(Unfortunately for some children they are tormented by nasty spirits for the purpose of siphoning energy. It sounds almost vampiric and in many ways it is. I know this sounds fantastical but it’s the truth of how some spirits attack children. It is also why some children wake up screaming in the middle of the night telling you there is a nasty man in the closet.)

In more recent times we are seeing how the most innocent in our society are being used in sick rituals. It is the reptilians who control most of the elites and politicians and in some cases what you see are just clones. The reptiles are shape-shifters who are able to consume human fluids and energy through these disgusting rituals.  

Whether people believe what has been said here on this website is true or not is up to them. However you should know, there are events occurring on earth now where millions of people are waking up to the corruption and enslavement of humanity. There are also unusual events occuring around the sun and moon. People are seeing planets in the sky, red oxide dust in the clpouds, 2 suns on the horizon and alien spaceships in the sky.

What Is Currently Happening On Earth Now

Planets are being seen in the sky apart from the sun itself. Pictures are coming in from all over the world now. I took this one at sunrise on the road to Pueblo, Colorado on November 30th, 2016. There is a definate blue planet in the sky. 

  • Increased earthquakes all across the globe not being reported on. Dutchsinse is really busy these days. Check him out sometime soon. 
  • An extremely bright sun simulator is appearing over the sun. I took a picture to show a circular object in front of the sun.  I have also seen videos showing people reporting the same things.
  • Spaceships are appearing in the sky all over the place lately.
  • Alien abductions have increased more in the last few years. 

I took this picture at sunrise November 2016. You can see a blue planet off to the left hand side of the photo. This picture was featured on You Tube Channel Planet Nibiru 2016.


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