A Vision Dated September 10th 2016:




Last night as I lay down to sleep, my heart was heavy with the thought of the Ingenious American People fighting once again for their right to clean water, food and especially their land. I really dislike what is going on with the water worldwide and so I asked the Windfathers and the Great Spirit to help strengthen the people in North Dakota. Hear their prayers and fill their bodies with courage I asked for them.

As I meditated, a vision came to me and I was asked to share my vision with everyone, so that’s what I’m doing. This is a vision from the White Buffalo and I was asked to say that too.

The windfathers also wanted me to say if anyone should ask why the spirits gave me this vision “Why should we believe her?” I was to answer: “Because the windfathers find me worthy.”

I live near the Sacred Mountain of the East and have for many years. I live here because I feel I belong and there is something special energy wise here…

Once upon a time there was over a million head of Buffalo who freely roamed these lands, until they were hunted into nothingness by the fur traders. The last great buffalo was killed in 1912 and his head was mounted in the local store near to my home. I dislike seeing the head because I deeply respect the buffalo.


I saw a great shallow lake that once existed under the Sacred Mountain of the East. The lake was vast and many animals used to come for the water.

I stood and watched as thousands of buffalo were drinking water. Then I saw some of the great beasts rolling around in the dirt, they seemed happy and content.

I also saw other animals coming to the water such as the bear, elk, deer, coyote, wolf, mountain lions and other smaller creatures. They all drank around the lake together. There was no fighting but rather they seemed to like the other.

These animals looked up and stared directly toward me. They didn’t move or run off. They stood quietly around the water and it seemed like they were waiting for me to do something.

I then looked toward the North East over the sacred mountain out onto the plains. I saw a high ridge where tribal people were gathered near a river. They had their backs turned away from the river, they were ignoring something that was coming.

They stood very quietly and patiently waited, they were dressed in many of their ancestral skins.

Then I saw a huge snake like a massive Anaconda coming toward the people from the other side of the river. The snake looked like it had metal scales that were bronze, copper, black and other similar colors. It shimmered as it moved in the sun.

The eyes on the snake were hypnotic (bright green and yellow with black slits).
The snake had a smile on its face as it went past me. It turned and looked my way, I quickly closed my eyes so as not to be enticed. It then continued toward the tribal people.

They knew it was coming and were ready for the snake.

The tribal people had deliberately turned their backs away from the snakes gaze. They would not to be lured into its thoughts and deception.

Now the snake attempted to cross the river toward the people, who were still quietly standing on the ridge. As the snake came closer it started to position itself like a Cobra, so it could easily consume the people.

Just as it lunged towards someone, young tribal braves started hacking and slashing at the snakes head with knives and axes. I saw between 6 to 8 young males fighting the snake.

The warriors worked furiously together until they cut the snakes head off!

The rest of the snake immediately fell backwards into the river and the warriors held the snakes head above their heads with victory cries.

There was blood flowing from the remains of the snake into the river and the tribal people quickly ran down to the river and rolled the snake out of the water. It took all of them to roll the snake back to the other side of the river. That is where it’s carcass was left to rot. The tribal people were cheering and singing songs of joy.

The young warriors then took the snake’s head to the edge of a cliff and threw it into a dark bottomless chasm. That is when the vision stopped.

I share this because the White Buffalo asked me to repeat it to humanity.


The Army Core of Engineers have backed off the Dakota Pipeline deal because they knew this event would have caused a Civil War and the Government is not ready for mass panic just yet. However you should know this problem is not over either. When things quieten down with Tribes, Veterans and Media, the pipeline events may continue in silence and while people’s attentions are turned elsewhere. 

“The Army Corps of Engineers has told the Oceti tribe that it will halt work on the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental impact study, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe announced.”

Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2016/12/04/army-corps-of-engineers-to-halt-work-on-dakota-access-pipeline.html?via=desktop&source=copyurl

One of two things will occur, Nibiru will show up in the sky and people will start to see planets with their eyes or the Government will silently allow the pipeline to continue up again after the protesters have gone home. Your Government is not done yet … I was told today.


A Message To Humanity 12-04-2016



I spoke to a “being” this morning who went by the name Jybion. He told me he was a watcher and gave me some information about the massive amount of Aliens now gathering in the sky. They have come to watch the planetary changes that come every 3600 years.

He also told me Nibiru is coming and the Government will continue to spray red chemtrails so that people will not connect the red oxide dust with the actual planet. The Red and Black Chemtrails contain all kinds of nasty things in them. Jybion also said bio-weapon testing has begun and Australia is the first country being experimented on and they are trying different things out before deciding on the big release..

There will be a false alien invasion that will actually be put on by Government. The Aliens will be making their presence known soon but the first call that goes out will be a deception. The powerful in charge of our world are Reptilian and they are playing a deadly game, which puts humanity in the middle of the Reptilians and Annunaki. The Reptilians do not want to give up control and will do everything in their power to cause havoc and chaos. There is a Universal code in the universe about interference from other aliens and until certain events occur on our planet first, other species cannot intervene.

Listen To The Channeling Interview On NASA Here: 

12-02-2016: Gatheon told me to keep a close eye on the news because Russia and Nato will go to war very soon and Nuclear Weapons will be used. When I asked how soon this event may occur he told me possibly within the next 7 to 30 days.

I was also told to expect 2 to 4 Major Earthquakes to occur, between 8 to 9 in strength with possible volcanoes also going off at the same time.  

12-08-2016 the Solomon Islands was hit with a deep 8 Mega Earthquake.

The “beings” are also very concerned with the Dakota Pipeline and feel this could be one of the tipping points for a Civil war in the USA. Do not go back to sleep even if they do back down. Money is a powerful voice and one way or the other, the oil corporations want this pipeline to go through the US. 

I am just the messenger and passing this along to you….what you choose to do with this information is totally up to you.

I drew this in a trance about 8 years ago. At this time I wasn’t aware that our Earth was part of a binary planetary system. I now believe this drawing relates to Nibiru and potential chaos that may occur on earth.



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