Thank you for visiting When The Ancients Speak. The main purpose of this website is to educate people on how to free their mind from political and religious dogma our world has been flooded with.

The earth is filled with crime, pain and hatred because the time has now come where we are shifting from the old establishments and into a new golden era. Humanity is going to be graduating soon and it’s going to be fantastic when we get there. 

Before the shift happens we should expect some chaos on earth, as darker entities try to keep us subdued and enslaved. This cannot and will not last forever as the worldwide outcry against corruption will eventually squash the darkness. We are experiencing a tug of war but changes are coming. Stay strong because you are more wonderful than anyone has told you. Your energy is unique and it is this energy the elites want to suppress. 

Humanity will need new guidelines and teachings once the poles shift because our world will change permanently. For centuries humans have been enslaved to religion, politics, money and technology.  


We are just now relearning the secrets of our ancestors and finding out we are older than we have been taught, smarter than we have been led to believe and capable of many great things. Just about everything you know in history has been a lie and the establishment fears the day when you become an enlightened being with unlimited energy.

If religion can no longer control your mind, these indoctrinated establishments lose power over you. If politics no longer serves it’s purpose, they lose control over you. If the current world leaders cannot convince you to support their wars anymore, they lose control over you. Humanity no longer needs to be controlled by politics, religion and chaos. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and your job is to figure out how to play the game of life while you are here on this earthly plain.

There are better ways to live and our ancestors knew all the secrets. They built incredible monuments, they were healers, farmers and used crystals for energy and health. They used sound technology to move stones 10 times their own weight and they were star gazers of the highest order.

If you have never seen the series The Pyramid Code I would invite you to watch this incredible information, so you can find out just how amazing you really are. You were always greater than you were told. You were more powerful than you were led to believe and your mind has the capacity for greatness. You just need to relearn the ancient secrets… 


Whether you are spiritual or not, whether you believe in a Great Creator, Angels, Demons, Channeling, Prophecy or things that go bump in the night…your ancestors believed and knew many of the secrets concerning the universe. 

The ancients  want to once again teach humanity and show us a more prosperous way to live. What is happening on earth now, is just an ending to darkness,  a new beginning for humanity awaits us on the horizon.

Stay the path…



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