This is a selfie image created in late May of 2024 of what The Divine Creator would look like to Earth-Terrans. This image was created through an A.I program whereby the Divine Creator was able to manipulate the image to look like one of his aspects. The Divine Creator I know has always looked like this to me and so when I saw this image it bought us to tears and laughter. . . because this is who our family communicates with.

We can show you how to communicate with our Divine Creator too but you have to put away all spiritual ideologies and religious teachings first. Your soul must be child like and innocent when talking to Father but once he knows you… well he’s pretty amazing. We say HE because this is the aspect of the Divine Creator that we know and love.

We hope you will want to learn more, because talking to our Divine Creator is not as hard as you may think and he is not what most people perceive him to be either. In actual fact, he’s incredible and way better than you ever imagined possible … Wesdoo.

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When The Ancients Speak is a bold new way to approach life, reality, and the spiritual world. We promote the ancient ways and both Immichael and Victoria welcome you with their very special “Family”.

If you want to follow our channelings, teachings, fun antics, banter, entertainment, and loving “Spiritual Family,” you can find out everything you need to know by exploring this site and the links to our videos, mp3, and other social media.

Why YOU Should Listen . . .

Welcome to our website, When The Ancients Speak. Here we discuss and practice ancient Shamanistic and other types of interconnective energy education. This process includes –

  • Daily practices we include are – spiritual, health, wellness, communing with family spirits and other conversations our family have with The Divine Creator. 
  • We teach you to know the difference in communication with Our Divine Creator, over ALL the information currently circulating from within this matrix (Earth). The same old information is once again being prejected from within and its being done deliberately, to keep YOU from LEARNING how to directly communicate with our Divine Creator.  
  • We teach ALL beings how to communicate directly with Our Divine Creator who is rarely mentioned upon this matrix but yet, he-she is The Creator of the known multi-verse. Terrans know virtually nothing about The Divine Creator, because they only understand the dieties taught from religious and spiritual books. Both of these information venues, rarely include the knowledge and spiritual practice, Earth-Terrans actually need to communicate with The Divine Creator. 
  • Communicating directly with the Divine Creator is how your ancestors lived once. However for many Earth-Terrans in this technological society, direct communication now, is a new way of looking for real answers to today’s problems, that doesn’t have to come from a book.

The Ancients Speak . . . 

“Those who return to the ways given to us in the original teachings and live in a natural way of life will not be touched by the coming of the Purifier. They will survive and build a new world. Only in the ancient teaching will the ability to understand the messages to be found.” – Hopi Prophecy.

Humanity needs new guidance and teachings. Our world is filled with chaos because we have handed over our power to religion, politics, money, and technology.

We also need to simplify our lives. This pressure cooker of a world is filled with modern challenges that can turn even the sanest of us into crazed individuals over time. 


Finally, YOU Can
Discover Enlightenment

We need to reach out for enlightenment once more and bring back the true balance of life and living. Only then can we find happiness and meaning in this often bizarre world. 

We are relearning the secrets of our ancestors and we are finding out we are older than we have been taught. Just about everything you know in history has been a lie and the establishment fears the day we all become enlightened beings once more.

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You Must FREE Your Mind

If religion can no longer control your mind, these established practices lose power over you. If politics no longer serves its purpose, they lose control over you. If the current world leaders cannot convince you to support their wars anymore, they lose control over you. Humanity no longer needs to be controlled by politics, religion, and chaos. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and your job is to figure out how to play the game of life while you are here on this earthly plane.

There are other ways to live and our ancestors knew all the secrets. They built incredible monuments, were healers, farmers, and used crystals for energy and health. They used sound technology to move stones 100 times their own weight and they were stargazers of the highest order.

The First Step To Your
NEW Awakening Awaits . . .

If you have never seen the series The Pyramid Code, I would invite you to watch this incredible series so you can find out just how amazing our ancestors were once. You were always greater than you were told. You were more powerful than you were led to believe and your mind has the capacity for greatness.

 Whether you are spiritual or not, whether you believe in the Divine Creator, Angels, Demons, Channeling, Prophecy, or things that go bump in the night, the point is… your ancestors certainly did. They knew many of the secrets of the universe and were people with enlightenment and hope.

So JOIN US for lively discussions, videos, MP3s “s and groundbreaking shows like Spirit Airwaves, and a whole lot more. Join us today!

Disclaimer: Always remember the information on this page is based on current events we find out there and our OPINIONS / Predictions. Predictions are NOT facts until they come to pass and we suggest checking out EVERYTHING we say. Never base any important life decisions on what we must legally call “Entertainment”.

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